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Do you have a Vespa SS180 CDI (electronic ignition) kit yet?
May. 22, 11:15 AM

Vespa SS180 CDI (electronic ignition) kit

A nice Vespa SS 180 CDI (electronic ignition) kit quote today:

Gents, great great electronic kit! I installed it in my SS180 and rode the whole Victoria 30th anniversary rally this last weekend over 600 miles no problems. The lights are super bright. Starts so much easier. And burns all the 2 stroke oil now, no drippy tailpipe.

Sounds just like a previous comment about the same kit:

So, after the lights went out, the SS180 sat around for some number of months. I checked and tested and eventually decided it was a bad coil on the stator. After a lot of time spent sitting and staring at the stator, I decided to just pay the money and upgrade to the 12v CDI kit that ScootRS sells. The kit comes with pretty much everything. Pretty solid. The flywheel is lighter than the stock one, which makes for faster acceleration. The lights are incredibly bright now, and I can imagine the spark is just as strong, which probably helps with the power just a bit.

What are you waiting for? Atomic Performance high-quality Vespa 12v CDI (electronic ignition) flywheel kit for SS 180 (Super Sport). This is the best available CDI kit for classic scooters. It uses the later one-piece Vespa PX-type flywheel/stator with its commonly available CDI unit. Unlike any other kit, this comes complete with no expensive extras to buy and full instructions for an easy install. This is probably the best upgrade to add to your Vespa, and exactly what we add to our restorations. Great for stock scooters, even better for tuned scooters. You'll soon understand why Vespa moved to this system with the PX. Read the customer reviews. Benefits to replacing the original 6v mechanical point system with this 12v CDI kit using magnetic pick up:

  • zero maintenance
  • brighter lights
  • easier starting
  • smoother running (no more points flutter!)
  • lighter flywheel is easier on the crankshaft and has faster pickup (original is a very heavy 3kg)

The kit uses all new parts and includes all the extras you need:

  • Flywheel (~2.35kg) and stator
  • High-quality Atomic Performance CDI/coil
  • Beautiful stainless steel CDI/coil bracket
  • Voltage regulator
  • 4 front/rear 12v bulbs including a 35w halogen headlight
  • Add-on wiring loom hooks into original wiring
  • 12v brake switch
  • Hardware and rubber bits
  • Flywheel puller tool
  • Full instructions!

All around, very highly recommended! Fits: 180 SS (VSC). (Also fits some late German GS4 which use the SS180 crankshaft not the GS160 type.)

See all our Vespa and Lambretta CDI kits for other models.

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Atomic Performance Lambretta adjustable rear shock absorber
May. 15, 6:44 AM

Atomic Performance Lambretta adjustable rear shock absorber

Atomic Performance top quality Lambretta adjustable rear shock absorber! Only $149!

As one tester wrote back:

The quality of this shock vs. the BGM is exactly the same. Much better look than the R1/R6 types as well.

I bought this shock as an upgrade to my original as I needed more adjustability for different touring loads (gear and or 2-up riders).

Very easy to tune this shock and comes ready to mount out of the box. Quick rebound and handled great at 65mph+.

For those needing on-the-road adjustability and quality this is a very affordable option!

-member of the The Lambretta Club of Los Angeles

Beautifully CNC machined alloy.

Fully adjustable in numerous ways: spring preload, rebound, 36 point compression - and length. Includes instructions.

Length is 300cm with an adjustable end to add 10mm.

Includes an adjuster tool.

Again, only $149, a much better deal than all the other types out there! 

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Update on our Snowflake Vietnam Charity Fund
May. 13, 6:06 PM

Snowflake Vietnam Charity Fund Just a quick update on our Snowflake Vietnam Charity Fund: our overall total is $14473! ($2649 from customers, $11824 from ScootRS.)

If you can, throw in $2 or $5 on the way to checkout. It would be great if our customers could match our donation!

100% of your donation goes directly to local Vietnam charity. No overseas overhead and we even donate the c.c. fees for everyone, as well as donate ourselves for every order.

Thanks again!

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Lambretta Atomic Performance adjustable front dampers/shocks
May. 12, 11:57 AM

Lambretta Atomic Performance adjustable front dampers/shocks

Atomic Performance top quality adjustable front dampers/shock absorbers for Lambrettas!

Beautifully CNC machined alloy, highly polished.

Adjustable compression.

Slim style shape.

$189 - great price! - is for 2 (1 pair).

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SOLD for $7.95! COUNTDOWN: Carburetor manifold 24-30mm PWK Vespa
May. 5, 8:51 PM

SOLD! SOLD for only $7.95!

Check every day for a new Countdown deal on a Vespa or Lambretta scooter part!

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