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ScootRS Lambretta Vespa Scooters & Parts has a licensed factory in HCMC, Vietnam, and stock overseas. We've been at it since 1995 and are, by far, the largest classic scooter parts manufacturer in Vietnam with about 50 employees.


Great Parts

I have recently finished unpacking the below orders that came in one large box. Being nearly 100 items it has taken some time to go through it all. I have used a couple of your products before and been happy, but having placed orders for well over $2,000 worth of goods, I was a tad nervous what the quality on such a wide range of items would be like. Whilst it was sad to see that I missed your calendars, I would like to say that I am very impressed with the overall quality of your products.
ScootRS have had some real wins lately. I have in my hands two Vietnamese disc brake conversions. One is the scootRS [high-pressure cast] one and the other is a sand cast one. I'll award the scootRS 9 points and the sand cast one 5 points. It's a quality product ready to bolt on with no need to tart it up. I'll be using it with scootRS [tubeless] rims.

Unlike the many resellers of local market items, we manufacture parts inhouse, making metal, stainless steel, cast alloy, rubber, and plastic parts. In our factory we have a full array of hydraulic presses and lathes, welding, polishing, sewing and other equipment, CAD and mold-making capability, etc., as well as a large warehouse and office. We have a major backup power system so we are never affected by the frequent power outages.

By manufacturing inhouse we can provide good consistent quality at a low price - “Same as Italian but half the price,” we often say. We incorporate your feedback where possible and continually develop new products, many of which are upgrades for classic scooters like our disc brakes, tubeless rims and classic CDI kits - see our reviews. We ship parts to individuals around the world and to the best scooter shops on each continent.

Great Scooters

After spending an afternoon at ScootRS, I wanted to order one of their Lambrettas because of the quality of their shop (yes, an actual shop).
My scooter arrived yesterday and it was well worth waiting for. It looks absolutely superb. I am delighted with it. It took a few kicks to get it started, but now it starts first kick every time. I took it for its MOT this morning and it flew through. The tester said he sees quite a few Lambrettas and that most look nice and shiny on top but when you looked beneath the shiny finish there were a lot of faults but this was the best finished Lambretta over and under that he had seen. He also said he thought that it ran like a dream. He was very impressed.

Though we basically started the whole “custom-scooters-from-Asia” business, we actually restore very few scooters, and all go direct to customers, most of whom come to us by past reference. To avoid the typical problems on old scooters in Asia, we import a full line of parts for our restorations, ensuring all the critical items are new and top quality so customers don't have to worry about anything. We let the customer design his dream machine and, because we make so many accessories inhouse, our custom-ordered scooters with unique and high-end options are a great deal.

Our attention to quality and reliability has led to positive reviews in the major world scootering magazines, and many awards for our scooters at rallies in various countries.

Great value and service

  • Thank you very much, your service and communication is excellent, shame other dealers do not aspire to customer service like ScootRS.
  • ScootRS is unmatched at customer service! I emailed them a photo of a rubber part I ordered a few months ago that had a small issue with it, and they replied right away and shipped me a new part no questions asked!
  • I have just received the special washer that you kindly sent to me for my front brake set-up. That's what I call great service, many thanks indeed.
  • Star man, I have to say I was expecting the standard response! That will save me a load of work, thank you. With service like this you'll be hearing more from me and the club.
  • ScootRS guided us through the process by extremely quick e-mail responses, and even hand marked-up a [custom] wiring diagram. They provided better service than the local Vespa shop just 4 miles away. I cannot say enough good things about their service - a job well done!! I expect to become a good customer of theirs - my new local Vespa shop in Vietnam. Thank you ScootRS.

We actually think we provide the best value anywhere: great quality at great prices.

We try hard to follow-up on that with great customer service. Not only have we made it faster and easier than elsewhere for you to manage/edit your orders onsite whenever you want, but customers are often shocked to get email replies within minutes. Or help with strange requests. And then regular updates as an order progresses and is shipped.

And then later we often check in just to see how things went. We strongly value customer feedback as a part of the process and incorporate it whenever possible.

Try a small order and see for yourself. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please contact us.