All about ordering a scooter


The steps to order are as follows:

  1. Choose a finished scooter ready to ship, or custom configure one and pay a 20% deposit.
  2. For custom orders we then restore the scooter according to your order - estimated time is on the scooter start page. We provide a few but not many updates along the way because mostly we are waiting to finish other scooters ahead of yours.
  3. When ready we'll send some photos, you pay the scooter balance and we book the shipping to your city collect and give it to the shipping agent here.
  4. About 2 weeks later we will get the shipping documents from the shipper, which we will email to you along with an invoice for Customs, and a translation of the cancellation of registration paper to register the scooter there. For some countries you also get a fumigation certificate.
  5. When the scooter arrives overseas at a port city a shipping agent there will contact you. You pay them for the shipping. You also forward the invoice and pay them to clear the scooter through Customs. Or hold onto it and do it yourself and save some money.
  6. The agent then forwards the scooter to a warehouse in your city, if a different city. You will be notified when it arrives.
  7. Pick the scooter up in a van or pay the agent there to deliver it. Invite your friends over, uncrate it, and oggle it.
  8. Register the scooter using the documents we emailed and what you got from Customs.
  9. Scoot :-)

Total charges

Beyond the cost of the scooter, other charges which are not ours consist of:

  1. Freight charges are based on cubic volume and there are some associated agent fees.
  2. Customs charges are any duties and VAT/GST taxes your country applies to the goods, usually a percentage of the declared value, along with some small paperwork fees.
  3. Clearance charges are the fees you pay to a Customs broker to clear your goods through Customs for you - or you do it yourself.
  4. Delivery charges are for having the scooter brought right to your house - or pick it up yourself at the warehouse.

UK estimate

Freight is around £100+, while various clearance charges should total another £100, more if you pay someone to do it for you. Duty is 0% and VAT is 5% of the invoice value plus freight if declared under TARIFF 9705000090 (antique, other) as an historic vehicle, otherwise the rates are higher. Delivery is optional and maybe £35 or so. For example, one customer in Birmingham paid £256, plus £110 for clearance and delivery which he chose not to do himself.

USA estimate

Freight charges are generally about $225, Customs is usually $9, clearance charges depend on the local agent there, and delivery is optional and around $100. For example, one customer reported back a typical charge of shipping and clearance charges that came to $296, plus $49 for Customs and $35 to load the crate into his truck; total $380. Figure on $400 something.

Shipping time and estimates

The estimated restoration time is noted on the scooter start page. Afterward, shipping time itself from Asia stock is about 2 weeks within Asia, and about 4 weeks elsewhere. Plus there is usually another wait at each end.

Freight only estimates


  • These are estimates and change.
  • Shipping is estimated on 1.75m3. Sometimes there is a minimum 2m3 charge.
  • Small towns cost extra for delivery, or pick it up in a major city.

We can also ship your scooter by air, thus delivering it a few days after it is finished, but it costs $1000-1500.

Shipping conditions

The crate protected the scooter well, and it was hard to tear it apart to get the scooter out.

Scooter crating The scooters are well covered then solidly locked in place within a strong crate so they cannot move at all. The crates are fumigated to comply with regulations and a document provided for that. They are then shipped in sealed 20ft containers. Full-loss-only insurance is included. Very rarely is anything even scratched if flipped around, but all-claims insurance for any damage en route is purchased at your end as it isn't sold here on “used goods”. You would however note any damage with the agent when signing to receive and can file with them.

Two videos show what picking up and uncrating the scooter involves:

Customs and clearance

Our experience is that, because of the scooter's age, there are no problems importing anywhere in the West. We have shipped to many countries around the world but we have the most experience with the Western countries below; otherwise give your Customs department a quick call for more details about importing a 1960s Italian manufactured sccoter.


You need to apply for an import permit before the shipment arrives, otherwise no problems. Go here to download an application. Apparently, though two-wheeled vehicles are never mentioned, you are included in that legislation.


There are no problems importing, but make sure you get a “Form 1” from Customs to use when registering.


There are no problems importing, and on historic vehicles there is no duty and 5% VAT. Declare it as an historic vehicle, otherwise the rates are higher. You need a VAT receipt from Customs to later register it at DVLC. A receipt from the shipper is not accepted by DVLC. We have also been told that “the shipping company only issue you with a C88 which says how much duty you have paid, this has to be sent to HMR&C to obtain the C&E 386 which is what you need to register it in the UK.” Give Customs a call and ask what forms you need in order to clear the scooter yourself and save any charges there.


There are no problems in the USA as there is an exemption for scooters over 25 years old. DOT and EPA rules do not apply.

Once the scooter lands in LA, the agent there affiliated with the shipping line will contact you about payment for shipping. You can then probably have Customs clearance done in LA by them, or choose to do it in your own city by yourself or by a Customs broker for $50-100. Choose your own city and consider doing it yourself. Most customers have done it themselves and paid nothing.

We continually receive reports back that US Customs has charged duty of...wait for it...$9. Ouch.

If you want to clear yourself, phone ahead and ask what you'll need. Read this report a US customer sent back:

Here's the deal. You don't need an agent. The only reason the shippers recommend an agent is to clear a great deal of imported goods, but for a scooter it's simple. Take the paperwork scootRS emails (title, commercial invoice) and the Arrival Notice document from the shipper to Customs. Call ahead and speak with transportation Customs to grease the skids and also find out exactly where to go. In Boston, I spoke with a guy that works in Customs and has a Vespa which made it that much easier. Once I went to Customs I first sat with a woman that works in transportation Customs. I let her know the bike was only 175cc and from 1965. Both low cc and age matterred. She noticed Vietnam on the documentation but I nicely emphasised that the goods were Italian. It's very important to get them to accept and write Country of Origin Italy on your documents. [Note: Italy is noted as the country of origin on the docs scootRS sends.] I then took the documents to the Customs desk. He gave me another piece of paper to pay processing charges, $9, at a teller desk. I went back to him with the receipt and I was cleared.

I took the paperwork straight down to Boston Freight, payed forklift charges of $62 and they forklifted both scooters into the back of an enclosed rental truck and away we drove with the new scooters.

Surprisingly, the entire process from going to Customs to uncrating the scooter at home took about two hours. It was much easier that I had expected.


We email a translation of the cancellation of registration overseas to you, and you will also have the documents from Customs once the scooter clears. Use these to register the scooter in your name with your department of motor vehicles.


Make sure you get a “Form 1” from Customs to use later when registering.


You need a letter of authentication from the LCGB. Details on their site. Also, you need a VAT receipt from Customs to later register it at DVLC. A receipt from the shipper is not accepted.


If for any reason you have difficulties registering your scooter in your state, you can always use a title service (search for one). They register it in an easier state then transfer title back to you.