Our Guarantee

Got my order with two left side crash bars two weeks ago, and got the correct right side bar this week. Thanks for correcting the problem so quickly, there are several scooter shops here in [...] that would've taken three times as long just to get the first order sent! And they look better than the Italian bars. GOOD JOB PEOPLE!!! Thanks again.
As tu informé ScootRS de ton souci avec une petite photo? Car dans la plupart des cas, ils te trouvent un arrangement, contrairement a beaucoup de shop “Européens”.

If there is ever a problem, we look after it. Here's how:


  • Delivery guarantee:
    • Courier service is fully covered for loss/damage. You must note any damage when signing for the package. Have them re-weigh the package if opened and missing items. Slow delivery claims depend on the courier's service rules and decision.
    • Regular mail service is covered for loss/damage limited to $75 in store credit. Allow 45 days for slow delivery (100 by boat).
    • Note: you are responsible for Customs import duty/fees in your country, if any apply. Refusal to pay duty can result in Customs destroying your package and no refund.
  • Satisfaction guarantee:
    • We accept returns if unused and postmarked within 14 days from when received. We'll refund it when received with no restocking fees! You pay return shipping. Contact us first, please.
    • Any faulty part will be exchanged for a good one, please report it immediately when received. Simply send in a problem report on our help page and we'll follow up and cover the shipping too. We cannot except claims on electrical items or on any items over 60 days after received.
  • You are responsible for the installation and use of any parts.


If you have read the restoration, comparison, and reviews pages, you have a pretty good idea of what we do.

  • All sales are final. We do not except returns on scooters.
  • Deposits on scooters are non-refundable. That includes when the restoration time increases from the original estimate.
  • If any shipping damage occurs, it is the responsibility of the shipping agent, not scootRS.com, and shipping agents will only accept a claim if you have noted the damage upon delivery.
  • You are buying a used, reconditioned, classic, two-stroke scooter and all that that implies. They require some effort to use and maintain. You are fully responsible for checking and adjusting the scooter before driving it. You may need to do nothing, but you may need to clean the gas tank, adjust the carburetion, tighten bolts, etc.
  • Under no circumstances will we cover a piston problem. Two-stroke engines must be adjusted correctly or a problem will occur.
  • Under no circumstances will we cover any costs whatsoever relating to any accident. You are fully responsible for the use of the scooter.
  • Under no circumstances will we cover any parts or expenses unless specifically approved by us in advance.
  • We offer a 60 day guarantee on all new parts: if one is faulty, we will ship to you another at our expense in exchange for the other. We do not cover any labor costs or other costs whatsoever involved in replacing a new part as those are beyond our control. Used or reconditioned parts are not covered as obviously we cannot predict their durability. For any claim, we may require a report from a shop that we recognize and approve in advance.

Having said all the legalese, if a problem, let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Any questions, please ask.