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Common questions are answered here to speed things up. Hope it helps.

For current orders, please use your Account/Order history for all updates/changes.


The ScootRS team

Current Orders:
How can I pay for/cancel/check/send/change/print my order? ***

Edit order detailsEdit itemsSee your Account/Order history page. It is your friend. You can do everything there: see order statuses and updates, delete/pay for unpaid orders, change shipping details, send your order, cancel items, request updates, print invoices, etc., etc.

(The website also sends you an email every time we add an update on your order. If you're not getting them, add us to your contact list.)

Please handle all this in your Account/Order history, not by email. Changes will go direct to the shipping department and be much faster and clearer.

I ordered the wrong part. How do I change it?

First delete the item that is wrong. See below, “How can I delete items”. Then add a new order for the correct part but don't pay and apply the credit. Read below, “How can I add items”.

How can I delete items from my order? Cancel some/all?

If not processed yet you can just delete it and make a new order.

After processed you can:

  1. cancel individual items.
  2. cancel the entire order or any items not sent yet.

Please see your Account/Order history to make changes.

How can I add items to my order?
  1. If not processed yet you can delete it in your Account/Order history and make a new order.
  2. Or you can order and pay for any new items, but for shipping choose “No, add to my order 12345”. If you have credit from cancelled items - for example, you are changing a part -, do not pay for it then go to your order history and choose the option to apply your credit to the new order.
What does my order status mean?

Your Account/Order history notes your order statuses:

  1. “Not processed yet!” means you submitted the order but that's it. You need to pay for it before we start it. We haven't even looked at it yet. (If you have a wholesale account, we'll process it within a day.) If you pay by bank transfer, we'll process it when we get the transfer. Paypal echecks take 5 days or so to clear, then we process it.
  2. “Processing” means we've started it. We'll ship or update it within 1-2 days.
  3. “Shipped” means we've sent it or added it to your main order, and we'll list the date and tracking if available. (With scooters we actually mark it “shipped” when finished, but before sent.)
My order isn't listed in my order history

Unless it was never paid and deleted, you probably have two different accounts and it's in the other one. Ask the website to send your account info to you and see if it lists extra accounts for your email address. Only use one account in the future.

When will you send/update my order?

See your Account/Order history page for update notes about slow items or shipping totals. Go there to ask for an update if needed. It will go direct to shipping staff! We will add all updates there as we can.

In your account you can choose to send your order at any time if waiting for slow items. (The website also sends you an email every time we add an update note on your order. If you're not getting them, add us to your contact list.)

Items marked “Slow” in your account means they are being processed but are not ready yet. Usually it will be less than a week. If longer, we will try to estimate the time in our update. We will mark “Cancelled” any items that are not available. (And refund them; see below.)

Delivery time is after processing and depends the shipping service you choose. By courier it only takes 2-5 days to arrive.

All about ordering parts

See our parts start page which explains how to order parts for your particular scooter.

Is it instock? How long will it take?

Products note the ready-to-go stock level: green stock tags mean high stock, yellow is low and red means no current stock so we need time to make/paint/polish/chrome it. (Red does not mean we can't supply it. You are ordering direct from the factory for most items, not a reseller, and some items take time. Also outside items arrive daily.)

Order and we will update your Account/Order history within 1-2 days if any items are slow/unavailable. Don't worry, if we have to cancel something, you will be fully refunded the parts/shipping difference.

Delivery time is after processing and depends the shipping service you choose. By courier it only takes 2-5 days to arrive.

Do you have part X for my scooter?

We only sell what you see onsite. Search by keywords/sku/original sku/type or browse the category pages.

If we don't sell it but you think it is something we should make in the future because no one else does, or too expensive elsewhere, please let us know!

Will part X fit my scooter? / What model do I have?

We won't know about every part fitting every model, sorry. Check the what scooter models are similar page. Also see the parts start page for more info on types of parts. You can also ask on forums and elsewhere what parts fit your model.

Payment / Refunds:
What type of payment do you accept?

  • Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc., shipping to the billing address only.
  • Bank transfer (shipping anywhere).
  • Fairmont bagels and Schwartz's smoked-meat sandwiches. (If only you had tried them!)
  • Sorry, no cheques, no Western Union!

Orders are processed only after they are paid. Paypal echecks take 5 days or so to clear. On bank transfers, note your order number and we will process it when cleared.

For large purchases by Paypal/card you will be required to send copies of your card, billing statement and ID in order to verify payment. Your order email will give you the details.

What currency? How much in my currency?

Our prices are in US$. Our website can give you an estimate in other currencies by setting the currency at the top of on any product page. The rates are updated daily. Otherwise, try Google for currency converter.

Why did the total change when I paid in my currency?

It didn't. Our prices are in US$ and we send that total to the credit card processor's website when you pay. Our website can give you an estimate in other currencies while you shop but if you go to the c.c. processor's website and pay in another currency, their total will depend on whatever their exchange rate is. If you pay in US$, you will see the total didn't change.

How do I use a coupon?

Just enter the coupon code at checkout in the coupon box and it gets deducted from your total. If there is anything left over, you can use it again until the coupon is empty or past the expiry date.

Coupon info shows up on your account page but you can also give away or even sell the code to anyone to use.

Will Customs/courier ask me to pay tax?

Usually not, especially for smaller shipments by Post Office, but they might on larger orders. If there is a charge, it is not us and it is not the shipping cost changing, it is the Customs department in your country forcing the delivery agent to collect local tax for them. It's the same when anyone orders anything from overseas. (Note: your shipping cost is printed on the invoice sent with the package so check they used that, not a full shipping rate.)

How/when do I get a refund?

Refunds are done automatically within a week after the order is sent/cancelled. If an item was cancelled, any refund is calculated after the final packed shipping charge is known. If the shipping increased it is possible to cancel out an item for refund.

The refund is made the same way you paid, so if by c.c. it will show up on your statement after the c.c. processor does it. (Sometimes they take a couple weeks after we refund it.) If a payment cannot be refunded, or was by bank transfer, we will give you a coupon to use onsite.

Do you ship to my country?

World map of ScootRS customers

Yes, we ship to any country. The map above shows countries we've shipped to so far.

We only ship to your c.c. billing address, but we can ship anywhere if you pay by bank transfer. Add a 2nd address to your credit card before paying if you want us to ship there.

Note: courier will NOT ship to a PO box. Use a street address.

How much for shipping?

The website estimates shipping for you based on weight, country, and available services. Go to checkout to see estimates. You can cancel before submitting an order.

After packed, if the final shipping total increases we will ask you for the difference and the update will explain why. (Why would it change? Dimensional charges can't be calculated in advance. Or the packed weight is more, or multiple shipments.) You can still cancel and be refunded if you want, or delete a big item increasing the cost. If the final shipping total decreases we will refund any difference. See below.

What are “dimensional” charges?

Dimensional charges are an evil plot by couriers to annoy all of us. Basically, if you have a big light box, all couriers will charge for the space it takes up not the weight. They have a formula to measure the box and come up with a minimum weight for that size; if more than the actual weight, they charge the dimensional weight instead.

That's why the shipping can change from the website estimate after packed. It is not possible to calculate the final box size on the website, it can only be done after packed. We try to pack things compactly, with items inside of other items, and save as much space as possible.

Why did shipping increase after I ordered?

If it does, our update note will explain why. Please see the 2 entries above.

Why did you send 2 shipments?

Because you asked us to at checkout and we do what we're told ;-) At checkout the default is one shipment but you can choose to “ship now and send any slow items later”.

Where are you shipping from?

We're in Vietnam. Don't worry, we may be across the world, but we're very professional. (We do have some stock in the UK that you can order from separately too.)

What shipping services do you use?

That depends where you are but normally there is courier 2-5 days, post office air 7-14 days, and post office boat 90 days (yes, 90!). The website will give you estimates and you can choose.

For large orders, air cargo and sea cargo are available, but not estimated onsite because it depends on size. We'll update you when packed.

Can I pick up or use my own shipping service/account?

Yes. At checkout choose no shipping, Pick up, and add a comment so we know. We'll contact you when ready so you can arrange to collect it. (If you're in HCMC, add a shipping address and number and we'll deliver for free!)

Delivery / Order tracking

After shipped your Account/Order history will note how/when sent.

If by courier it will show tracking info. (Regular mail services do not have tracking.) Please call the courier with your tracking number if a local problem delivering to you.

The tracking number might not work for 24-48 hours. Or if it looks wrong, check the Official Tracking link at the top of the tracking website we send you to - bizarrely, some couriers use the same number for 2 shipments and only list both on their official website. Let us know if still a problem.

For slow or non-delivery, see the problem section below.

All about ordering scooters

See our All about ordering a scooter page which explains everything from A to Z.

How much for a restored scooter?

Anything for sale is listed on the Scooter Start page, otherwise you must custom order. (The scooters on the Photo page are past customer restos.) Go to the model page and configure one with the options you want to get the exact price. Note a past scooter restoration ID if you want to refer to it.

How long does a scooter restoration take?

The latest estimate is always on the scooter introduction page. Shipping time after restoration is 2 weeks (Asia only) to 4 weeks.

When do I pay for a scooter?

For custom orders you pay a 20% non-refundable deposit - that means you lose your deposit if you cancel -, and the rest when it is ready to ship.

Problems / Returns:
What is your guarantee?

You reap what you sow, quality is the key to your success. I had a problem with a poorly made fuel tank cap that was part of a larger order, I didn't complain to ScootRS but they saw it and replaced the part without even asking me!!! How many companies would do that?

The part came today and is as good as the rest of their excellent stuff. That's why you succeed where others fail.

Well done ScootRS. Buy with confidence, they're good at what they do.

Please see our Guarantee page.

Slow or non-delivery

Courier delivery time does not include non-business days or delays due to Customs. When busy, couriers can also delay some services in favor of more expensive ones. We will try to get a refund on shipping that does not meet their time estimate but it depends on their decision.

Regular mail delivery is usually 7-14 days but there is no tracking as it warns at checkout. See if your local Post Office has tried to deliver. Sometimes the Post Office is very slow and takes a few weeks extra, especially to Spain, Italy, and Ireland we've found. Please wait 45 days for slow delivery (100 by boat).

For slow or non-delivery claims, please see our Guarantee page for details then let us know the order number so we can help.

A part is missing from my order!
  1. Check your Account/Order history first because some orders have multiple shipments/boxes so maybe it hasn't arrived yet, or any cancelled items will be noted there and refunded.
  2. Stockroom and packing staff both check off items in an order, so please look inside all the parts and packing material very carefully. Small items are often packed inside others to save space and protect them.
  3. If still not found, please report the problem below so we can help you.
I need to report a problem: missing/faulty/wrong part!

Sorry to hear that but thanks for letting us correct it for you. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Simply click here to create a problem report email (or copy and paste from below) then fill in the info as explained below:

Email Subject: ScootRS Help Ticket [170926091756]

1) ORDER NUMBER: (copy your ScootRS order number - not payment receipt.)

2) PART NUMBER: (copy the exact part number that has a problem)

3) PROBLEM: (specific details, please! Include your scooter model/year if fitment problem)

4) SOLUTION: (your preferred solution)

5) BOX DAMAGE?: (was it offically noted by the courier? If not, call the courier now and get them to note on your tracking number that it arrived damaged or they won't accept a claim.)

6) PHOTOS: Attach only 1 or 2 .jpg photos clearly showing the problem. If you got the wrong part, or something is missing from a kit, send a photo of what you got. (PLEASE: Resized/optimized less than 100kb, not gigantic 1mb+ originals.)

Get the details from your order email or from your Account/Order history. Please include all info to speed things up. We'll then follow-up with you.

Note: If you can't provide the info above, you can return the part instead. See below.

Can I return a part?

Sure. If you ordered wrong or simply changed your mind, don't worry, you can return an item if unused and postmarked within 14 days from when received and we'll refund it when we get it back. You pay return shipping. (You might also consider eBay.)

Please contact us first for shipping instructions. We might be able to receive it within your country to make it easier for you.

Tech help:
I need a diagram / tech help!

All tech info we have is on the product page or, if there is a diagram/installation help promised, it was linked to in your order email (the one where your parts are detailed line-by-line, not your payment receipt), so see that email please.

If you are using a link/bookmark to a diagram and seeing an image telling you to visit directly, outside links are not permitted so sign in and go to the tech page you were given in your order email and see the diagram there.

You can also check our tech page for general tips such as carb jetting, etc., and there is also a links page for forums and info sites.

Wholesale / Shops:
How do I apply for a wholesale account?

We do not wholesale scooters, sorry. (We wouldn't recommend containers of classic scooters from anywhere.) But for parts:

  1. Set up a normal account onsite but fill in the “Scooter Shop” name.
  2. Sign into your account, go to “Edit your account info” and make sure your shop name is listed there. If yes,
  3. Return and apply here. Documentation is required.
Where are you located?

We're in HCMC, Vietnam. Yes, it is interesting living here. No, it isn't dangerous. Read all About Us here.

Where are your parts made?

We make most of our items in our own factory, from seat covers to high-pressure die cast hubs. That way we can ensure good quality. The local Vietnam market items many places resell have too many problems, so we avoid them. We do buy a few things locally, but usually have to redo them or weed out all the bad ones before we can resell them. We also resell items from Germany, UK, Taiwan, India, and elsewhere. Most Italian parts are only average quality but very overpriced, so we don't bother with them, though some are good. Any specific questions, just ask.

Privacy/security policy
  • We do not share your email or any information with any 3rd parties. Your personal information is only used to fulfill your order.
  • All payments are taken offsite on secure payment processing websites. We never see your credit card or Paypal information, only the receipt for payment, so it is very safe.
How does a saved cart work?

Sign into your account before you start ordering. If you shop a bit and then sign in before Checkout, it will overwrite what you just added with whatever was there last time, even if nothing. When you sign out it will save whatever is in your cart then.

If you don't sign in until Checkout though, it will not overwrite a new cart. A bit confusing, we know. It's on the list...

How can I search the website?

Normally one word is enough given all the categories and types of search we provide but see our post about the advanced ways you can search using keywords, either|or, 'phrases', and more. You can also add our search engine directly to your browser! (There is also a separate search for our Roadkill blog at the bottom of any Roadkill page.)

I lost my account info

The website can send your account info to you. If, however, your email doesn't work and you can't remember how to sign in to change it, you'll need to start a new account unless you can contact us and tell us the info in the account so we can know it is you and change it for you.


Did you see the answer above? If not, please contact us with your question.