Vespa M-class Restoration

At scootRS we worked for years on combining the beautiful style of 1960s Italian scooters with all the modern conveniences you need for safe, reliable enjoyment of your classic. How to summarize it? We call it our M-class restoration.

Read below about our M-class Vespas, or see our Scooters page to order a finished one from a dealer in North America.

You can also custom order any Vespa as an M-class by choosing the same LML motor and options as in the M-class - as well your colors and any other options you want. Note, however, we deliver the motor separately because we can't import motors to install here. (Only the finished ones in North America have motors already.) It will all be plug-and-play with instructions, so you simply hook up the motor yourself, or we can likely find someone in your area to help. Delivery of the motor in North America; elsewhere, there may be extra shipping costs so please ask.

The work we do

I just thought I would let you know that I was the one who bought your [M-class] VBB Vespa ID 150.... I used the scooter most of last summer.... This scooter is so pretty it never fails to turn heads.... You provide a magnificent product, fast, fun, reliable, economical and seductively beautiful. Whatever you do, don't stop!

We fully restore an original Italian 1960s Vespa scooter in one of two styles (basic or deluxe), but add a brand-new powerful electric-start 150cc 5-port reed-valve 12v CDI motor. This is the same great LML motor as in the new boxy PX-type scooters, only improved by us and put in a classic package, a beautiful VBB, VLB, or VBC. –A package painted in classic colors, too!

You won't find a better ready-to-ride classic anywhere in the world. The scootRS M-class: everything you always wanted in a real classic.

M-class Body Features

Original 1960s classic Italian Vespa scooter
—choose a VBB, VLB, or VBC. All were originally manufactured by Piaggio Vespa in Italy in the 1960s. Gorgeous, classic lines.
scootRS total restoration
—complete strip-down and restoration from top-to-bottom: all bearings, all seals, all gaskets, all wiring and electronic parts, halogen headlight, all speedometer parts, brake pads, rims, tires, front and rear shocks, lenses, locks, cables, rubber and plastic trim, air filter, exhaust, stand, all hardware, etc. External items are chromed, zinc plated, or re-polished. The seat is re-sprung and re-covered.
—the body itself is first dry-built to fit body parts exactly. Any damaged metal - e.g., often in the floorboard area - is fixed properly by welding in new metal, then any dings are fixed by hand, by hammer and dolly.
—the body is then disassembled again, stripped to bare metal, primered, painted, and finished with a protective gloss coat.
— Finally, it is all very carefully reassembled and checked.
Two leather seats* (with stainless steel passenger grip)
—black or brown leather instead of cheap vinyl
(*Deluxe only; basic has one leather seat and original-style painted rear rack)
Stainless steel legshield and floor trim*
—gorgeous long-lasting stainless steel!
(*Deluxe only; basic has original-style rubber and alloy trim)
Front glovebox*
—classic rounded glovebox
(*Deluxe only; basic has original-style front spare)
Rear chrome spare holder with spare*
—complete with stainless steel/matching painted hubcap
(*Deluxe only; basic has original-style front spare)
Gray rubber body trim
—just like the original
PX brake pedal and slotted brake shoes
—neater with improved braking over the original for safety
Built-in key ignition
—improved security: no one can start your scooter except you
10” wheels
—including VBB and VBC - no 8” wobbles!
Chrome wheel rims
—who wants dull gray rims?

Click to view our M-class basic and deluxe versions (VBB):

M-class Motor & Electrical Features

New 11hp motor, top speed 65mph (estimated)
—the latest and highest quality LML PX150-style motor available. Has improved power/reliability by scootRS (old-style has 5.5hp, PX150 has 7.5hp, and a PX clone is 10hp). Tackle hills and freeways without worry. Tuning options are available for even more power.
Push-button electric start
—along with the kickstart, of course. Fabulous!
150cc 5-port cylinder
—more power than the old 2 or 3-port style
20/20 carburetor with reed-valve
—more snap and efficiency than the old-style of carburetor alone
PX exhaust
—more power than a PX clone (no restrictive catalytic converter to bog your motor down).
4-speed manual shift
—just like a classic should
7-spring clutch
—better than the old-style 6-spring clutch
Classic curved chrome kickstart
specially designed by scootRS to replace the ugly black PX-style kickstart
12v CDI system (electronic ignition)
—more power and reliability than the old-style points system
Wiring like from the factory
—everything is built-in and neat, not tacked on
12v horn
—safe LOUD horn people can finally hear!
12v halogen headlight
—safe BRIGHT lights on a classic Vespa. Amazing!
—this motor rocks with our tuned exhaust! You'll see a huge gain in peak power and better torque.

M-class Colors

Classic colors
—all with 3-stage quality paint with a glass-like outer protective finish.
Matching painted wheel hubs
—who wants dull gray mismatched hubs?

Click to view the various M-class colors we offer:

Original 1960s Italian classic style, modern coveniences, and, most importantly, it's all been put together with scootRS attention to detail. What more could you ask for?

Go to our Available page to order one now.