Vespa Choke for PWK/Mikuni carburetor

Vespa Choke for PWK/Mikuni carburetor

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Fits most models, but not smallframe. For use with PWK, Mikuni, and other modern carbs. NOT for use with the stock carb! The problem with the stock choke when using a modern carb is that the Vespa choke cable is very stiff and can't be used with the new choke. But if you use a flexible choke cable that can be pulled, it can't hook into the stock choke lever. So you neeed a special choke lever like this one to accept a choke cable with a little ball on the end. Then the new flexible choke cable can work at both ends.

Tech Notes

You might be able to hook this up by reaching into the hole where the carb bellow is. Then you don't need to remove the tank. Well, maybe. Give it a shot first.

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