Lambretta Dual seat springs rebuild kit

Lambretta Dual seat springs rebuild kit

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I have had 2 of these kits and for the price have found them very good. The links were fine as I tend to open one side so it's vertical, hook the spring loop over it by pulling on a bit of cord and then re-close the loop. They don't bend in use. As a general seat repair kit I am very happy.

Feeling depressed? Renew your sagging double seat, Lambretta or Vespa, with our beautiful zinc-plated replacement kit.

To entirely rebuild your double seat the kit includes:

  • 19 x ~17cm springs
  • All clips in between
  • 1 x wavy attachment spring
  • 4 x big vertical springs (2x9cm tall, 2x8cm tall, both 4cm at the top, 2cm at the bottom)

Various seat frame types are different or require cutting/adjusting the spring lengths, but you should be able to make it work on most.

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