Vespa Seat cover PX

Vespa Seat cover PX

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  • V2014-PX-LBL (Black leather: +$49.00)
  • V2014-PX-LBR (Brown leather: +$49.00)
  • V2014-PX-BL (Black)
  • V2014-PX-BR (Brown)
  • V2014-PX-TN (Tan)
  • V2014-PX-BU (Dark blue)
  • V2014-PX-GN (Dark green)
  • V2014-PX-OX (Oxblood)
  • V2014-PX-GR (Gray)
  • V2014-PX-CM (Cream)
418 grams


Vinyl Colors Leather Colors

Seat colors in vinyl or leather.

Note: order matching covers together as color batches might change slightly over time..

Fits a metal/springs PX standard seat. (Not the smaller, rounder 2001 plastic type.) Includes seat strap too.

Simply take off your old cover and put this one on over the frame. (Some frames might need more or less foam padding depending the seat manufacturer; adjust if needed.) Includes tabs to attach to the frame.

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