Floor strips stainless steel Vespa

Floor strips stainless steel Vespa

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  • V1108A-SS-B1 (VB1)
  • V1108A-SS-BB (VBB)
  • V1108A-SS-LB (VLB)
  • V1108A-SS-G6 (GS160)
  • V1108A-SS-PX (PX)
1100 grams


For the price of Italian plastic and rubber, we give you stainless steel show-quality pieces that replace all of your cheap-looking alloy, rubber, and plastic floor runners.

Many models are the same shape, for example a VBC or VSD Rally is the same shape as a VLB.

Match it with stainless steel legshield beading. Hmmm...

For PX only they measure between the bolt holes:

Outside (top to down) :
Middle :
Inside :

Note: PX in UK are old stock and different so you will likely need to make new holes.

Tech Notes

  • The floor strips have bolts attached at the bottom that go into your original floor holes, then a nut locks them from underneath. (Other models might vary a little, in which case you'll have to make new holes, or have the floor strip bolts welded in a new spot. If so, please contact us with measurements.)
  • Our runners come with a special rubber base to protect your paint. Still, check the edges when installing, especially at the end points, and tap up with a mallet if touching so the edge doesn't cut the paint. The metal shouldn't touch, just the rubber.

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