Tire Yokohama 100/90-10

Tire Yokohama 100/90-10

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2500 grams


  • Yokos are the best tyre I've ever had on my lammy.
  • The best tyres I've used to date
  • The Yokos were far better than Swalbys after 1000 miles usage
  • I have them on a Vespa and think they are great
  • --How do S83's compare to modern tyres?
    Badly. Atrocious in the wet especially if you throw manhole covers etc into the equation. I run big fat Yokohamas on my machines, as do a number of lads in our club. If you ride in the wet behind a bike with yokos on you can see the dry lines on the road. Fantastic tyres, really grippy.

E500 with 56J rating.

Good for tubeless rims.

These can rub at the rear unless spaced outward a little.

A 100/90-10 is 100mm wide with a height of 90% of that, so 100mm-90mm-10", slightly wider than a standard 3.5x10 tire. (A standard 3.5x10 is very close to 90/100 -10. A 90/100-10 tire is 90mm-90mm-10" while 3.5" = 89mm, and heights can vary but are around 100%, so 89mm-89mm-10".) 

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