Vespa Coil/CDI bracket SF/VLB/PX/LML stainless steel

Vespa Coil/CDI bracket SF/VLB/PX/LML stainless steel

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  • V0740 (VLB-PX)
  • V0740-PXE (PXE)
  • V0740-L5 (LML)
70 grams


Need one for your LML/Stella engine? Running a CDI conversion? Rusty PX parts?

This bracket holds a Ducati-style coil/CDI unit and bolts to the rear of the engine in beautiful stainless steel.

Choose your type based on your model and where it will bolt on:

  1. The older P/VLB Sprint/etc. style folds to the side and bolts on the back of the flywheel area. Also fits smallframes though you might need to elongate the holes for more panel clearance.
  2. Electric start PX needs the straight PXE type that bolts on the side of the flywheel area.
  3. LML type is straight like the PXE but slightly different to fit an LML CDI unit. The coil goes elsewhere on an LML. (The LML scooter is rebadged as a Stella in the US.)

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