Vespa Deluxe wheel rim PX/10 inch stainless steel

Vespa Deluxe wheel rim PX/10 inch stainless steel

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1400 grams


  • I just wanted to say, as a research and development engineer, I purchased your stainless steel split PX wheels and am super pleased. I've had them almost a year, put 2 sets of tires on them, with no signs of fatigue.
  • [Lambretta version:] I have a set of their Atomic polished stainless steel rims. I have to say quality is tops and I ran several different tests to check for trueness and roundness and no issue. I compared them to some original Innocenti, Serveta and an Indian set that might as well been square with oval stud holes. I also bought some of the chrome versions (best chrome I've seen yet) for a friend and know a few people have bought them and not a single issue. The removable studs are nice. Worked on a friends Lambretta and the Original Innocenti items studs all fell out. ScootRS has raised the level with these.

Atomic Ricambi Originali high-quality replacement spare part for the Vespa PX/Sprint/smallframe/etc. wheel rim. 

Beautiful stainless steel.

Fits most 10 inch Vespas: GS150 VS5 (only), GL VLA, Sprint, TS, GT-R, Rally 180/200, T5, P/PE/PX. (Does NOT fit GS160/SS180.)
Fits smallframe Vespas: PK, ET3, 50, 90, 100, 125) but only if using 5-bolt hubs. 
Fits also: Bajaj Chetak 4-stroke, LML Star 125/150 2T, LML Star 125/150 / DLX / Via Toscana / Star / Stella / Belladonna RV 2T, LML Star 125/150/200 / Deluxe 125/150 / Speedy 125/150.

These are excellent quality, better than Italian and other repros, and still a great price:

  1. Strong: quality materials, and not too thin like some repros
  2. Straight: all rims are checked on a lathe to make sure they rotate nicely
  3. Beautiful: nice finish!
  4. Smart: excellent studs you can actually change if ever needed for chroming, etc. Only these rims have this feature!

This rim is made from stainless steel. The great advantage of stainless steel is that it will not rust and can always be repolished beautifully. Stainless is also much harder than regular steel so little worry of denting the rim.

If your wheel takes a strong hit you should check it just to be sure but don't fall for generic scare stories about stainless rims. The only reported problems were with poorly made “SPAQ/Sterling” rims, nothing to do with rims made by other companiesOur stainless rims, like others, have never had a problem. 

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