Vespa Headlight bulb 6V 25/25W modern

Vespa Headlight bulb 6V 25/25W modern

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Fits our lights with modern bulb but 6v. Can also fit on SIEM 15mm holders. See below.

Tech Notes

As one customer wrote:

I found this out chasing some electrical gremlins on my 61 Cushman Vespa. It has the original SIEM 15mm headlight bulb holder. The ScootRS modern headlight bulbs (V1819-H-12V, V1819-H-6V) will fit into the bulb holder/receiver. All I did was shave off the ring around the bulb. The ring is just a press fit and comes off easily. I pushed the bulb into my original SIEM 15mm bulb holder and it fits like a glove. Works fine and with better lighting on my 6v system. Use the 12V if the engine has been upgraded.

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