Lambretta Tuned exhaust stainless steel

Lambretta Tuned exhaust stainless steel

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  • I recently installed your tuned exhaust and carburetor kit PWK-type 28/30mm 150/175cc. After adjusting the carburetor settings and jets per your excellent instructions, I was amazed at what this upgrade has done for my 64 Lambretta Li Special 150. A few years ago I replace the stock piston and bored it out to 175 cc as well as expanded the intake and exhaust ports but this did very little to increase performance. After visiting your web site and reading your advise on exhaust and carburetor upgrades, I decided to give it a try. The results are unbelievable. I mean this scooter flies like never before and is almost scary fast. It performs more like a 250 cc motor and sounds bad ass as it screams down the street.
  • Good pipe best bang per buck without doubt. I've got the same pipe on a std (matched) 225 Monza and it's revving to well over 9000 rpm.
  • [I] have been very impressed with it.
  • I took my [other type] off and put theirs on and have a better powerband.
  • Excellent performance, in fact far better than a few of the very expensive exhausts I've tried. Very solid.
  • Finally finished fitting it all and set it up today. The pipe is pretty good and the sound is the best I've heard. Combined with [their PWK] 30mm carb, performance is pretty impressive. Good acceleration and very rapid response.
  • 10.0 (out of ten), Best stainless steel exhaust I've had yet.

Great performance, great price. This model is in beautiful stainless steel.

This tuned exhaust will bolt onto any Series 3 Lambretta and give an easy power boost. (That means it fits any regular cylinder type, 125cc and up, any S3 model GP/LI/LIS/TV/SX, only NOT with a cylinder like TS1/Imola with a different exhaust stud pattern. Those take our TS1 type exhaust.)

Our tuned exhaust - or expansion chamber, if you will - comes in three sections, the first two joined with a slip joint and springs to absorb vibration.

The muffler/cannister is polished aluminum for lighter weight, and can be opened so you can change the packing later if you need to renew it.

The bracket is rubber mounted to reduce vibration and thus wear and tear over the long term.

The manifold is welded in sections to give better performance.

Tech Notes

  • Fitting requires that the cylinder shroud be clipped slightly.
  • The lower side edge of the rear floorboard should also be clipped to allow full clearance over holes/bumps, otherwise the exhaust can hit there sometimes.
  • You should check and upjet your carb from stock. See our tech page for how to do plug chops. An awesome carb to match to it is our PWK-type 28/30mm.

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