Vespa Hydraulic disc brake kit PX/T5 20mm

Vespa Hydraulic disc brake kit PX/T5 20mm

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  • V1280-PX20-SV (Silver)
  • V1280-PX20-WH (White)
3800 grams



  • Great performance, great to have good brakes.
  • [German shop owner:] I think that braking power and control is better than the Grimeca for the Vespa PX My as the floating double caliper and the disc construction you use is much better.
  • [It] is really thought out well, ... nicer components/better designed than the Grimeca that came stock on the last batch of PXs that everyone sells as an upgrade.
  • Great stopping power and the brake was nice and easy to fit. Just as good as the Lambretta one I bought from yourselves 2 years ago.
  • Very pleased with the disc and stopping power. Been on the scoot for some years (first batch from ScootRS) and still works fine.
  • I installed the ScootRS Vespa disc brake on my Vespa VBB. We did a few modifications on the headset and used a PX fork. It's working well and improved dramatically the safety features of the bike.
  • [The ScootRS] Vespa disc brake kits are very nice. Great stopping power, and esthetically nicer than Grimeca.
  • First class quality, easy to install ... the best deal I ever got.
  • Il kit grimeca e il kit nissin (o scootrs) hanno il bello che ti fanno da antisgamo mantenendo un finto tamburo. il kit grimeca costa una cifra che non vale il pezzo, poi a detta di molti montato con azionamento a tiro meccanico (pompa sulla forcella attivata dal cavetto del freno normale) frena circa come un freno a tamburo a camma flottante (arcobaleno). e 300 euro son un po' troppi per così poco. il kit nissin-scootrs offre una pinza meglio studiata, la pompa al manubrio si monta segando via dal manubrio il triangolo in cui di solito si impernia la leva del freno. offre una frenata a detta di chi l'ha montato fenomenale.
  • ScootRS have had some real wins lately. I'll award the scootRS [Vespa disc brake kit] 9 points ... It's a quality product ready to bolt on with no need to tart it up. I'll be using it with scootRS [tubeless] rims.

Is it “ScootRS” or only sand cast?

Don't be fooled by low-end sand cast brake kits, usually labeled “Sterling/SPAQ” and made to look like ours.

Click to see the photos, then read what others have said...

Sand casting is a cheap process normally only used for trim items because it is weaker, rougher and less precise. Some hubs have cracked and the finish is terrible. Don't take our word for it:

Such kits also often use the lowest-quality Chinese copies of hydraulic parts, yet still ask high prices.

  • (Posted by a UK shop owner:) If you're buying make sure you get the ScootRS type (pressure cast) as opposed to the Sterling/SPAQ type (sand cast) - we have seen one of the pepperpot style with holes crack on the thinnest part of the hub and also a standard outboard one crack the mounting lugs (which resulted in the wheel rim parting from the hub after it happened - both were Sterling/SPAQ - just thought I'd better share this info with you.
  • As a tool engineer who has had over 1000 pressure dies cast for all materials in 20 years I would never ever ever fit a sand cast part to a turning hub and use it at speeds over 5 mph.
  • Compared to the original [the Italian Evergreen sand cast repro] was always rough as ----, only thing that made it bearable was you could use filler to smooth out most of the imperfections. Between [it] or the ScootRS, my vote's for the ScootRS version every time as it looks a much better product. I'm basing my comment purely on visual closeness to the original and the ScootRS disc brake wins by a country mile.
  • (Posted by a UK shop owner:) Having fitted the two for customers, for me the ScootRS one is the better made. When stripping the coating off you can see how good the casting is.
  • I was, perhaps naively, expecting to just assemble the parts, but on checking the fit of the various components it became clear that the [sand cast] brake was going to require a degree of 'finishing'.
  • I have in my hands two Vietnamese Vespa disc brake conversions. One is the ScootRS [high pressure cast] one and the other is a [Sterling/SPAQ] sand cast one. I'll award the scootRS 9 points and the sand cast one 5 points. It's a quality product ready to bolt on with no need to tart it up.

Our kits with high-pressure cast hubs and genuine Japanese Nissin hydraulics offer vastly superior quality and safety on all points. –At a very reasonable price! Look very closely if buying elsewhere and confirm first if it is made by scootRS!

We already manufactured the number one Lambretta disc brake in the world - "the best thing I have ever bought for a scooter in 26 yrs on and off" - so we brought the same great engineering, quality, and price to your Vespa.

Modernize your Vespa PX/T5 type (newer type with 20mm axle) with the scootRS hydraulic front disc brake kit exactly as on a new scooter and get vastly superior stopping power. Original Nissin hydraulics along with our inhouse manufactured pieces and careful assembly ensure you guaranteed performance on the road. -And hell, it looks wicked, too!

Unlike a bulky semi-hydraulic Grimeca kit with single piston caliper, our stylish ScootRS kit is fully hydraulic with a proper master cylinder for better performance, uses a better dual-piston caliper, includes all the little extras, and comes at a vastly better price! A similar Grimeca setup would cost $600+!

The kit works with your existing speedometer. The hub is painted white or silver, as you choose.

The brake kit comes assembled and ready-to-go with everything you need:

  1. Brand new but original-look high-pressure cast front hub with all new components including new Japanese Nissin dual-piston caliper, disc, alloy plate, bearings, speedo drive, Nissin master cylinder and polished alloy mount, etc.
  2. Stainless steel high quality hydraulic hose (not rubber) with removable ends which allows for a smaller hole when assembling!

Sold separately:

  • Brake fluid is sold separately, but best to buy that at a local motorcycle shop to save on shipping weight.

Tech Notes

  • You need to cut the lever mount area on your headset to fit the mount, unless you want to run your own semi-hydraulic set-up, or switch your headset to a new disc type with mount (or we sell spare headsets).
  • Purchase includes full instructions with photos.
  • With a Bitubo you might need to file a little off the high point on the caliper to clear the gas cylinder.
  • Fits with our Vespa tubeless rims - a great safety combination!

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