Lambretta Deluxe wheel rim 4x10 wide stainless steel

Lambretta Deluxe wheel rim 4x10 wide stainless steel

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1420 grams


  • The stainless rims are amazing! thanks for great parts, customer service and speedy shipping.
  • These are beautifully crafted and a great value.

Atomic Performance high-quality Lambretta wheel rim.

Beautiful high quality stainless steel. No rust and they will always polish up to a shiny finish.

4x10 inch wide rim. Normally used at the rear only with a regular tire size for more tread and stability. (Using on the front makes turning difficult.)

Atomic are the best quality rims available.


  1. Strong: quality materials, and not too thin like some repros
  2. Straight: all rims are checked on a lathe to make sure they rotate nicely
  3. Beautiful: nice finish!
  4. Smart: excellent studs you can actually change if ever needed for chroming, etc. Only these rims have this feature!

Tech Notes

This rim is made from stainless steel. The great advantage of stainless steel is that it will not rust and can always be repolished beautifully. Stainless is also much harder than regular steel so little worry of denting the rim.

If your wheel takes a strong hit you should check it just to be sure but don't fall for uninformed rumors about stainless rims. The only problems ever reported were in Scootering about poorly made “SPAQ/Sterling” rims, nothing to do with rims made by other companies

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