Lambretta Rear seat cover LD deluxe

Lambretta Rear seat cover LD deluxe

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  • LD21057C-LBL (Black leather: +$29.00)
  • LD21057C-LBR (Brown leather: +$29.00)
  • LD21057C-BL (Black)
  • LD21057C-BR (Brown)
  • LD21057C-TN (Tan)
  • LD21057C-BU (Dark blue)
  • LD21057C-GN (Dark green)
  • LD21057C-OX (Oxblood)
  • LD21057C-GR (Gray)
  • LD21057C-CM (Cream)
800 grams


Vinyl Colors Leather Colors

Seat colors in vinyl or leather.

Note: order matching covers together as color batches might change slightly over time..

Our seat cover quality

See up close why our seat covers are high quality.

Same as Italian but half the price! We have made these seat covers inhouse to be exactly like original Innocenti ones with high-quality heavy rubber backing in joined sections, nice rivets, zinc-plated tabs, rear seat badge, etc. - and of course the classic shape! But we've also improved the original: we include a separate padded insert for you to put over your seat frame first to make the seat more comfortable! Simply take off your old cover and put this one on over the frame (and extra padding if you want). The rear cover is straight underneath at the back while the front cover has cutouts for springs there. We are still offering our cheaper covers if you're on a budget - no hard rubber backing, different construction - but these are much heavier and better quality.

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