Vespa Hubcap 8 inch stainless steel

Vespa Hubcap 8 inch stainless steel

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  • 100063 (Blue)
  • 100064 (Red)
365 grams


Stainless steel. You can easily paint to match your scooter. The cap is not always polished perfectly on the sides in between the ridges, as hard to get there.

Tech Notes

  • As-is it fits the spare only, not regular wheels. Set to fit a VBC-type spare, but there is an inside tab that can be bent to fit other 8 inch rims.
  • If you want to fit it to a VBC regular wheel, just bend the tab as shown.
  • If you want to fit it to a VBB/VB1 type regular wheel, you need to bend the tab slightly differently and make two new holes to attach it.

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