Givi top case E230 Slim

Givi top case E230 Slim

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  • 100065 (Regular)
  • 100075 (Silver: +$25.00)
  • 100076 (Red: +$25.00)
  • 100077 (Blue: +$25.00)
  • 100078 (Black: +$25.00)
1950 grams


  • Volume: 23 liters
  • Max load: 3 kg
  • Helmet(s): 1
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 340 x 375 x 295mm 

Givi is an Italian company and their top cases are world renowned for their quality, design and durability being far ahead of the competition. The E230N Slim lives up its name by providing a considerable 23 litres of carrying space while featuring a compact yet trendy design, suitable for those with smaller vehicles. Affordable and practical, this is one accessory no urban rider should do without. Safety features are also not overlooked with the incorporation of the Micro2 lock (a two-button system) and a stylish wide reflector for increased visibility.

Like all cases in the MONOLOCK series it:

  • comes with plate and universal fitting kit that clamps onto a rear rack. You do need a rear rack to mount it on.
  • is secured to the base plate but can be unlocked to carry away
  • features a wide reflector that can be transformed into a brake light with an additional kit. (Not currently sold by us but available elsewhere.)
  • is available in a range of painted colors or regular matte black plastic.

Top cases will have dimensional shipping charges AFTER packed because of the size, so order extra parts to throw inside and save on shipping!

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