SYM Attila Elizabeth crashbars set stainless steel

SYM Attila Elizabeth crashbars set stainless steel

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2700 grams


For the SYM Attila Elizabeth, which can have different names in other countries. (Fiddle II in the USA is slightly different.)

A complete set for vastly less than elsewhere. Includes fender crashbar, side crashbar, and rear crashbar.

And no rust ever because they are stainless steel, not chrome!

Does not need any extra holes drilled in your scooter.

Shipping Note: this item will have a big dimensional shipping charge after packed because of its size. It is ~4.5kg packed but ~15kg dimensional with lots of room in the box, so you can add ~9kgs of items and not pay extra shipping! We'll update your account with the shipping charge after packed.

Remember: elsewhere this set would cost many hundreds of dollars more for cheap chrome, so even though the final shipping is high, the overall cost is very low, especially if you add a nice seat cover or some other items!

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