Vespa Atomic HID Zenon H4 headlight system

Vespa Atomic HID Zenon H4 headlight system

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  • 100104 (Regular)
  • 100283 (Vespa GTS)
  • 100284 (Vespa LX)
1190 grams


I purchased a HID kit from ScootRS. It has both high/low beam. It actually moves the bulb to change the focus as opposed to dual filaments. I always (used) to ride with high beams during the day, one to be seen and mostly that way the high would burn out first and I could get home at night then replace. I know, high beams in the day is another discussion.

This is a kit "made" for a Vespa, a bit over my ability but my mechanic friend was very impressed with it. Shipping was about a week and really not to expensive. No two ways the amount of light is awesome, I drive often at night and it really helps me avoid those critters that "could" go bump in the night.  

It is without a doubt, a major improvement. Very bright, very white and really lights up the night I would for sure do the HID headlight again if needed.

Awesome plug-and-play Atomic Performance HID lights for Vespa GTS or Vespa LX - or to fit any H4 bulb scooter!

And a great price!

High Intensity Discharge (HID) systems are much brighter and run cooler than other lights, and last much longer. As per Wikipedia:

"Compared with fluorescent and incandescent lamps, HID lamps have higher luminous efficacy since a greater proportion of their radiation is in visible light as opposed to heat. Their overall luminous efficacy is also much higher: they give a greater amount of light output per watt of electricity input."

HID systems replace the light bulb filament with a capsule of gas. The light is emitted from an arc discharge between two electrodes inside a quartz glass capsule. The light produced more closely approximates the color of natural daylight. The bulb included is either a 6000K or a 8000K, the higher the number the more of a slight green/blue look. If the type makes a difference to you, add a comment when ordering.

Our kit has a full high-low system, unlike low-end kits which do not.

Plug-and-play on Vespas: we've done all the work to make this high-quality kit entirely plug-and-play on your Vespa LX (we've done an LX150 but other LX should be similar) or GTS250 (GTS300 should be similar). Includes extra wiring, brackets, and instructions with photos!

For other scooters with an H4 headlight bulb, choose the regular option. You will need to connect to your own wiring but we'll provide basic instructions. Awesome lights at a great price!

Tech Notes

On a Vespa GTS you need to enlarge the hole in the stock plastic bulb holder or pick up an LX one which already is larger. On both LX and GTS you need to snip a small section off the center of the rubber boot behind the bulb holder for the larger bulb to go through.

2007 LX sold in Japan have a BA20D connector, not H4, so you will need to change to an H4 type reflector unit and plug (purple = high, brown = low, black = ground).

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