Vespa GTS bar ends heavy stainless steel

Vespa GTS bar ends heavy stainless steel

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  • 100128 (400 grams)
  • 100129 (500 grams: +$5.00)
810 grams


I ordered a pair of these from ScootRS and they arrived quickly considering they shipped from Vietnam. Installation was easy like cupcake. 

I like 'em and they were much less expensive than others out there.

Price is for a pair. Other places charge twice as much!

Handlebar vibration is annoying and tiresome, especially on longer rides, and Vespa GTS often wobble at the front end around 50km/h or with a top case added at the back. Heavier bar ends steady the front end and completely eliminate or at least significantly reduce any vibration or wobble.

Our bar ends are beautiful stainless steel so they will never rust, unlike chrome. If you ever scratch them, you can just sand and polish them again.

They are extremely easy to swap over from the stock ones and include a new bolt.

We have 400gr (14.5oz) or 500gr (17.5oz) bar ends. Diameter is 37.5mm. (Note the weight is for 1 side only, but you get 2 pieces.) Choose the heavier ones if you carry more weight or have more vibration to eliminate.

If you want to request bar ends for a different model, let us know!

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