Lambretta Gas/petrol dual tanks stainless steel

Lambretta Gas/petrol dual tanks stainless steel

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  • A1, spot on, thank you. Excellent quality and fit.

With the scootRS dual-tank system, you can travel a lot further. And do it in original style.

We convert a toolbox into a gas/petrol tank, then modify a regular tank so that the two work together. Fill your gas/petrol tank as usual (oil first, then gas to mix it), but it will now hold 55% more, about 13.5 liters.

The kit includes both tanks and everything in between. They are joined at the bottom and the top to easily flow fuel between them. The tanks are both in beautiful polished stainless steel.

As your toolbox door will now open onto a second gas tank, a legshield gloveboxe is a great match. Order a stainless steel gas cap or tank straps separately.

Tech Notes

  • You do NOT need to remove the airbox as in the photo. You can use the dual tanks on a stock setup.
  • We clean the insides, but be sure to rinse both well with gas first before using. There can be material from polishing.

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