Lambretta Dual seat strap

Lambretta Dual seat strap

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  • 100301 (Black)
  • 100302 (Brown)
  • 100303 (Tan)
  • 100304 (Dark blue)
  • 100305 (Dark green)
  • 100306 (Oxblood)
  • 100307 (Gray)
  • 100308 (Cream)
90 grams


Choose a color and make your seat beautiful again. These are our own seat straps made inhouse. The Italian repros are rubber outside but badly overpriced as usual. We've made ours the same size, with the same thick sturdy core, but with material outside to match various covers and give a nice feel. The end brackets are the exact same ones you see on a Lambretta cover, a Vespa GS160 cover, etc., except we make them in beautiful polished stainless steel that will never rust. The strap is 49cm though you can cut it to suit.

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