Vespa GTS 300 Super leather seat cover

Vespa GTS 300 Super leather seat cover

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  • 100524 (Black)
  • 100525 (Tobacco Brown)
  • 101153 (Oxblood Red)
  • 101154 (Off-White)
  • 101261 (Dark Blue)
  • 101262 (Dark Green)
690 grams


  • For the price of their covers I figured why not give [ScootRS] a try. I did and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the seat cover. Heck, even my local Vespa dealer was surprised at how well it looked and fit.
  • Reupholstered the seat on our LX 150! Of course, not the $500 one from Vespa, but an $81 [leather] seat cover from ScootRS. I removed the original instead of putting it over the top, and did a proper job by removing the lock, bag carrier, and bumpers to get a nice, exact fit.
  • Hierbei handelt es sich um einen hochwertigen Bezug für die Original-Sitzbank einer Vespa GTS 125 oder GTS 250 in braunem Echtleder. Der Bezug kann relativ einfach über den originalen Bezug drüber gezogen werden und ist damit für Leder-Liebhaber eine verhältnismäßig günstige Alternative zu der Original-Ledersitzbank, die fast 500 EUR kostet. ...Der Bezug sitzt wie angegossen auf einer GTS 125. Die Qualität scheint mir sehr gut zu sein, das Service war in puncto Geschwindigkeit aussergewöhnlich.
    Translation: This is a high quality cover for the original seat of a Vespa GTS 125 or GTS 250 in brown leather. The cover is relatively easy to be drawn over the original cover over it, making for lovely leather, a relatively cheap alternative to the original leather seat, which costs about 500 EUR.... The cover fits like a glove on a GTS 125. The quality seems to be very good, the service was exceptional in terms of speed.
Vinyl Colors Leather Colors

Seat colors in vinyl or leather.

Note: order matching covers together as color batches might change slightly over time..

Quality GTS seat cover sewn the same as the original. Fits Vespa GTS300 Super using the original seat.

Luxurious leather at a great price! A replacement leather seat from Vespa costs $500 or so!

You'll also notice ours is made from continuous pieces stitched along the original lines, not from small pieces stitched together like the Vespa one.

Simply place the new cover over your original one and the elastic edge, and any seat cover brackets, are enough to hold it in place and make it look great. Or to get a nicer, tighter fit, remove your original cover and staple this one on in the same manner. You can always change back.

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