Vespa Seat cover PX EFL Millennium flag

Vespa Seat cover PX EFL Millennium flag

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  • V2014-PXMLFL-UK (UK)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-EN (England)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-SF (Scotland)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-IE (Ireland)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-IT (Italy)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-DE (Germany)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-SE (Sweden)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-FR (France)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-DK (Denmark)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-US (USA)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-AU (Australia)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-BE (Belgium)
  • V2014-PXMLFL-MOD (Mod target)
418 grams


Fits a low profile PX Millennium seat. (Smaller, rounder plastic type, not the taller older metal type.)

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Simply place the new cover over your original one and the elastic edge, and any seat cover brackets, are enough to hold it in place and make it look great. Or to get a nicer, tighter fit, remove your original cover and staple this one on in the same manner. You can always change back.

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