Scooter Waterproof scooter cover large

Scooter Waterproof scooter cover large

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600 grams


Elsewhere these are $49-$99! Quality 2-ply waterproof PVC scooter cover, and designed specifically to fit your Vespa GTS, GT or similarly sized models. For example, a Vespa GTS is 1.95m x 0.75m. Features:

  • Zip-out section if you ever add a rear topcase.
  • Vented to allow moisture to escape.
  • A nylon drawstring at the bottom so it goes on easily and cinches up as you want it to.
  • Folds up into a carry pouch.

As you can see it fits with tall standard mirrors so it will also fit with a similar height windscreen (a taller windscreen will also fit but raise the cover on the front wheel).

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