Vespa legshield race stripes

Vespa legshield race stripes

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  • 100739 (Black)
  • 100740 (White)
  • 100741 (Red)
  • 100742 (Blue)
10 grams



As customers said about similar ones:

  • Ordered for my ET4, and they were good quality.

Very cool racing stripes!

Choose your color, just stick them on! They go right down under the legshield curve.

You can match these to our panel stripes for Vespa GTS/LX/ET/etc!

Tech Notes

You can see it is quite easy to install them in our video.  

  • Clean and dry the scooter first, don't have any dust or soapy film on it.
  • Measure and cut the sticker as you prefer.
  • Slowly put on the sticker, smoothing as you go to avoid bubbles. A cloth helps.
  • Some heat also helps get a nice tight fit especially on edges or with curves and little bubbles. If a lighter scares you, use a hair dryer :-)

Fantastic look after they are on! (At the end when you hear her say "dep qua!", that means "very beautiful!") If we can do it, you can too.

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