Rain poncho cover Vespa

Rain poncho cover Vespa

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900 grams


Light waterproof rain poncho to keep in your scooter and save you when it starts to pour on the way somewhere.

These are faster, easier and more effective than rain suits as the water flows right off of you, top-to-bottom, rather than gathers under you. (You can also use it in a pinch to cover the top of your scooter from the rain.)

As a safety feature, the big Lambretta logo is a reflective white that really shows up in headlights, and is on both the front and back! 

The sides have plastic snaps and the hood a peak and a drawstring. (You can ignore the hood if riding and using a helmet.) If driving a scooter, snap closed the sleeves and a button or two on the sides, then let it cover your legs at the front and sit on a little of the back section to keep it from flapping around. (If at low speeds and daytime, you can place the front right over the handlebars as people in Asia do and create a cocoon for yourself.) 

This is not really suitable for high speeds, though you can snap closed the sides all the way down. It is more so a cheap but invaluable light poncho to save you when you get caught in the rain.

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