Vespa 12v electronic ignition CDI flywheel kit smallframe

Vespa 12v electronic ignition CDI flywheel kit smallframe

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  • Have a v90 smallframe. Just replaced the wire harness and installed the Atomic 12 volt conversion. From ScootRS, works great.
  • I did this last year and am very happy with it... I was still rocking a small taper crank and this seemed a a nice kit.
  • I would like you to know the Atomic smallframe 12v CDI kit is great! It was easy to install and set up.
  • You guys are the only ones that have a conversion that actually works.
  • I just bought one of your 12v conversion kits for my VNB. This kit is really amazing! 6 hours after I got the kit on the scoot, we took a 500+ km trip to the US. Tested and approved!
  • I have done their entire 12V electronic conversion, which seems like a vast improvement over the points with the added plus of having a headlight that is bright vs. a nice romantic candle light.
  • I've seen both [types of CDI kit] and the ScootRS kit is much, much nicer. I would lay my money on that one for sure. You cannot go wrong with it.
  • 10,000 miles on my commuter Allstate and the ScootRS kit is a great setup.
  • The ScootRS unit is excellent. I've installed 3 of them.

Atomic Performance high-quality Vespa 12v CDI (electronic ignition) flywheel kit for smallframe types.

This is the best available CDI kit for classic scooters. It uses the later one-piece Vespa PX-type flywheel/stator with its commonly available CDI unit. Unlike any other kit, this comes complete with no expensive extras to buy and full instructions for an easy install.

This is probably the best upgrade to add to your Vespa, and exactly what we add to our restorations. Great for stock scooters, even better for tuned scooters. You'll soon understand why Vespa moved to this system with the PX. Read the customer reviews.

Benefits to replacing the original 6v mechanical point system with this 12v CDI kit using magnetic pick up:

  • zero maintenance
  • brighter lights
  • easier starting
  • smoother running (no more points flutter!)

The kit uses all new parts and includes all the extras you need:

  1. Flywheel (~2kg) and stator
  2. High-quality Atomic Performance CDI/coil
  3. Beautiful stainless steel CDI/coil bracket
  4. Voltage regulator
  5. Beautiful stainless steel regulator bracket
  6. 4 front/rear 12v bulbs including a 35w halogen headlight
  7. Add-on wiring loom hooks into original wiring
  8. Beautiful stainless steel clips for any extra wires around the flywheel cover!
  9. 12v brake switch
  10. Hardware and rubber bits
  11. Flywheel puller tool
  12. Full instructions!

All around, very highly recommended!


any smallframe scooter such as 50, 90, 100, Primavera, ET3, and others with a 19mm oil seal/max. crankshaft taper. Compare yours first.

See our other kits for other models.

Tech Notes

Note the following:

  • It can go anywhere, but the loom is designed with the regulator tucked neatly under the seat.
  • Unless you rewire the entire scooter, you will only be wiring the kit into the existing wiring. Easy but, because of the original loom, the brake light will only work if the scooter's lights are turned on. In the day, if you don't already, you will need to have the lights on for the brake light to work. If you are restoring your scooter, order a complete loom and this limitation can be avoided.
  • We have found that the original 6v horn continues to work fine, as does the little speedo light, so these are not included. You can always add them later if needed.
  • We recommend you order a spare CDI/coil in case yours ever fails. If you can't remove your HT lead from your coil to re-use, see related products.

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