Lambretta Fork buffer SX-GP push-in big

Lambretta Fork buffer SX-GP push-in big

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25 grams
Orignal Part:


Push-in for late SX/GP. Big one, 22mm.

Generally people fit small ones on the top and big ones on the bottom. Some people use 4 big ones to increase the fork spring stiffness.

These are made inhouse by us to give you Italian quality at half the price.

Tech Notes

Someone has posted:

I had a big discussion about this one with Hippy Jerry previously of Scooter Surgery and a well known top Lammy builder. He had always built them BIG at the TOP and thin below and swore that was how they came out of the factory. The only way we managed to prove otherwise was to strip a set of untouched original forks at Surgery, and also to look carefully at the diagrams in the parts book (you can just about see the difference in the drawings.) However, I think Jerry's method came from the racing scene where using the thin buffer at the bottom allows the link to sit a little lower - which increases the ride height and ground clearance if you use hard springs or double stops. In practice I don't think it matters too much as long as there are buffers fitted in matched pairs top and bottom.

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