Lambretta Rubber - floor set GP

Lambretta Rubber - floor set GP

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  • 100824 (All gray)
  • 100825 (Gray - Black kickstart/feet)
  • 100826 (All black)
1600 grams


  • They look very good quality.
  • I find the rubber good, they are good quality and look fine.
  • I was pleased with the quality of the S3 floor strips. They are much better than others I have had previously from various sources, including Italian and Indian.
  • I can heartily recommend the ScootRS rubbers for the side panels. They are the best you will get in my opinion. In fact all their rubber is exceptionally good quality. Anyway, the sidepanel rubbers are nice and thick. Not too stiff and not too soft and my sidepanels sit on them a treat with no riding up of the rubber. "Same as Italian. Half the price." as they say.

A complete set of our ScootRS high-quality colored trim items for GP200, GP150, GP125.

A similar set elsewhere would be lower quality at double the price!

Choose a color. The “Gray - black” option is all gray except with a black kickstart and black stand feet like original.

Includes the following colored rubber/plastic:

  • Stand feet
  • Kickstart
  • Horncast
  • Mudguard-horncast
  • Mudguard-legshield
  • Legshield beading
  • Grips
  • Brake pedal
  • Air scoop
  • Panels
  • Floor strips
  • Floor channel inserts
  • Bridge (front/rear)
  • Frame plugs
  • Rear light

For buffers and other little rubber items you will need, see all of our Lambretta rubber.

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