Lambretta Dual seat cover Covolo

Lambretta Dual seat cover Covolo

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  • 100830 (Black leather: +$49.00)
  • 100831 (Brown leather: +$49.00)
  • 100832 (Black)
  • 100833 (Brown)
  • 100834 (Tan)
  • 100835 (Dark blue)
  • 100836 (Dark green)
  • 100837 (Oxblood)
  • 100838 (Gray)
  • 100839 (Cream)
2400 grams


I'm very happy with the quality of your "high quality" seat covers, and the price is by far the best around for this quality of a seat cover.

Vinyl Colors Leather Colors

Seat colors in vinyl or leather.

Note: order matching covers together as color batches might change slightly over time..

For our Lambretta Covolo seat frames.

Comes in twotone with white stripes and your choice of color. (If you really want another color combo instead, you can add a comment at checkout.)

Complete with Covolo Torino badge on the back.

NOTE: we currently have ONE oxblood red leather with white trim cover on hand. Order leather and mention you want this one in a comment at checkout.

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