Lambretta Tubeless alloy rim hydraulic disc brake hub anti-dive

Lambretta Tubeless alloy rim hydraulic disc brake hub anti-dive

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  • The disc and hub are excellent, great quality and very well made, thanks for fitting the tyres by the way!
  • Fitted the anti-dive kit at the week end, works great, really improves the braking as well as the handling. It is scooter Viagra (stiffens everything up, ha, ha).
  • If you go for the new ScootRS anti-dive one, they come with a weld on bracket AND bolt on bracket - so no need to strip the forks. I'm well chuffed with it, fitted it and on the road within 2 1/2 hours! Stopping is great and glad I chose to go anti-dive now.
  • The anti-dive is adjustable depending where you attach the fork clamp. It is a definite and noticeable improvement on the previous version and I shall be converting my other one as soon as I can! A jolly good piece of equipment which fitted first time.
  • Il freno a disco è l'ultimo modello di Scootrs con anti-dive e devo dire che funziona egregiamente.

Includes our latest and greatest anti-dive disc brake which makes for very smooth stopping. On a regular disc kit the front end dips when you brake; with anti-dive it doesn't! The difference is impressive.

Only includes the hub, not the handlebar pieces! This a good option to swap a poor copy hub for a new anti-dive one.

Fits both fork link types, drum or disc. (That means: every Lambretta S1-2-3!)

See all our hydraulic kits and parts for other types.

This kit combines 2 great items:

First is a brand-new OEM one-piece tubeless alloy hub-rim unit. Ride with the confidence that a modern scooter manufacturer's OEM wheel hub gives! (For ex., like riding a modern Vespa.) The hub is un-modified and has DOT-T and JLL (Japan) safety standard approval.

What's so special about a tubeless rim? A rim that requires a tube, as all Lambretta rims do, means your tire can suddenly and dangerously blow out when punctured. That often means accident of some type, if not a good scare. On a tubeless rim, however, you merely have a slow air leak as on a car or any other modern vehicle. No tube = no worries. That's the huge safety advantage for classic scooter riders.

The hub-rim is silver. At 2.5x10 inches it uses a 100/90-10 tire. (There is no matching rear unit but add our standard tubeless rim at the back.)

Second is the best-selling Lambretta disc brake kit in the world! We integrate our disc kit components so you can modernize your Lambretta with the scootRS hydraulic front disc brake exactly as on a modern scooter and get vastly superior stopping power. Far better than even the standard Lambretta disc brake. Original Nissin hydraulics along with our inhouse manufactured pieces and careful assembly ensure you guaranteed performance on the road. -And hell, it looks wicked, too!

The hub comes assembled and ready-to-go with everything you need:

  1. New tubeless OEM alloy hub-rim unit. 
  2. All new components including new Japanese Nissin dual-piston caliper, disc, stainless steel plate, axle, bearings, speedo drive, seals, etc.
  3. Stainless steel high quality hydraulic hose (not rubber) with removable ends which allows for a smaller hole when assembling!
  4. Two anti-dive brackets: one to weld to your fork but also one to bolt-on (shown) so no need to repaint. Use either one.

This kit works with your existing speedometer. 

Sold separately:

  • This anti-dive version controls the front end nicely but front dampers, and a mounting kit, are also available. See related products.
  • Brake fluid is also sold separately - see the hydraulic spares section - or buy that at a local motorcycle shop.

Tech Notes

  • Typically uses a standard modern pull-through rubber valve like on a modern Vespa and others, not included.
    Includes 2 brackets: one to weld-on to your fork but also one to bolt-on so no need to repaint. Use either one.
  • On disc fork links (SX200, TV175, etc.) there is no stud to slot into the speedo cover as with drum links, so you can file off the slot in the speedo cover to make it look nicer if you want but it is hidden behind the link anyway.
  • Purchase includes full instructions with photos.

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