Vespa GTS horncast flag sticker

Vespa GTS horncast flag sticker

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  • 100895 (Ireland)
  • 100896 (Italy)
  • 100897 (Germany)
  • 100899 (France)
  • 100904 (Austria)
  • 100905 (Belgium)
  • 100907 (Mod target)
30 grams


See our 2 videos below for how to put on complete panel stickers for a great look.

You can see it is straightforward, though these involve a bit of work to get the curves nice:

  • Clean and dry the scooter first, don't have any dust or soapy film on it.
  • Measure and cut the sticker as you prefer.
  • Slowly put on the sticker, smoothing as you go to avoid bubbles. A cloth helps.
  • Some heat is needed to get a nice tight fit especially on edges or with curves and little bubbles. -If a lighter scares you, use a hair dryer :-)

Fantastic look after they are on! If she can do it, you can too.

Part 2:

Tech Notes

After you put it on, best to heat slightly with a lighter or something to tighten it up.

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