Vespa S top floor strips stainless steel

Vespa S top floor strips stainless steel

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  • Great service and really good product quality!!!
  • Het roetstvrijstaal zit er op en het is prachtig.

Beautiful high quality polished stainless steel replacements!

Complete set of 6 show-stopping replacement floor strips. Very easy to fit, same as your rubber floor strips. These are for the top 6 pieces. (See related items for the bottom.)

By the way, they're not slippery unless you plan to wear bowling shoes and dance in the rain while driving.

Tech Notes

  • If any movement in the floor strips, add a thin piece of rubber (such as from an inner tube) at the end to tighten the fit.
  • Because they are stainless steel, not chrome, if they ever get scratched you can easily sand them and polish again!

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