Lambretta Plastic floor strips set S2

Lambretta Plastic floor strips set S2

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  • LT14020A-BL (Black)
  • LT14020A-GR (Gray)
148 grams


As customers have said about our similar S3 floor strips:

  • The floor strips look great and are of superior quality. I will order from you again when I need anything else.
  • After one year my grey ScootRS S3 floor strips are still looking good and not turned brown like poor quality ones!
  • They are just great and are bolted on a new project from me. The fit is great. Nice job and wicked price!! :-)
  • I was pleased with the quality of the black S3 floor strips. They are much better than others I have had previously from various sources, including Italian and Indian.
  • Excelente calidad. Las mejores comparandolas con las que he visto en ferias de clasicos. Encajan a la perfeccion y se ven resistentes. Las recomiendo sin duda.
    Translation: Excellent quality. Comparing them with the best I've seen in classic fairs. Fit perfectly and are resistant. Definitely recommend them.
  • Passten wunderbar. Die Qualitaet fand ich sogar noch besser als die MEC-Leisten.
    Translation: Fit wonderfully. I found the quality is even better than the MEC floor strips.
  • I've had cheap Viet ones, Casa ones and ScootRS ones. IMO the ScootRS ones are the best.

Set of 4 runners for Series 1 - 2 models.

Same as Italian? No, much better quality, these are the best quality in the world!

There are 3 options for floor strips:

  1. If you've held Italian repro floor strips - the ones resold by all Italian suppliers in Western shops are all the same - you've seen how they are very poor: rough, thin, varied and dented. And still expensive!
  2. Local market Vietnam and Indian ones are even poorer quality.
  3. These are made as original, from brand new molds. Crisp pattern. Straight lines. Quality studs. Perfect!  And about half the price of Italian repros!

Considering these are the best quality available anywhere in the world, they are a very good deal!

Take a look at the close-up photos and compare yourself.

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