Europe COUNTDOWN: Vespa Wheel rim VBC Super 10 inch chrome (V1705-BC10-CR)

Europe COUNTDOWN: Vespa Wheel rim VBC Super 10 inch chrome  (V1705-BC10-CR)

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I got a set of the ScootRS 10" VBC rims and as they were only $16 each it was an easy way to test if I liked 10" wheels without first going to the expense of new drums, pads, backing plate, etc. (the drums alone would be over $120).

After going for a 40 minute ride all I have to say is "wow!!" 10" (and Michelin S1s) are WAAAAY better for me than the 8" S83s were. It feels much more solid and not nearly as nervous as it was before. Some of this, I'm sure, is because the S1 tread pattern doesn't squish/squirm around like the S83s do (which have a high block pattern that actually moves) but is also because of the larger diameter and resulting increased contact patch.

Clearance isn't an issue, and bumps on the road are handled much better with the bigger tires, as are grooves in the pavement, etc.

Acceleration, while slightly slower because of gear ratios, is not a problem at all (I have a three port engine and a new 20/20 carb with an ASC Big Bore exhaust that I was already using before the bigger rims). Stopping power is fine.

I can definitely see the extra speed that I carry for a given gear and RPM, especially in third, but there's not quite enough power to actually get to maximum speed in 4th. I can get a few more Km/H top speed than I used to, but the engine won't rev up as high as it did before WOT in 4th so I'm sacrificing something there. That said, at cruising speed -- and I'm often doing about 45mph on my commute since it's on a parkway with no lights or stop signs -- I'm using less throttle to maintain that speed so fuel mileage will definitely be better.

I'm considering drilling the air filter with the love-heart mod and upjetting to a 108 main to see if I can get just a bit more power to help with the top end. Then fuel economy might go back down, of course.

While the wheels definitely look bigger and the Super is riding a little high, I don't think it's offputting. It's an aesthetic judgment, of course, but it's not way off considering a Sprint Veloce with the same type of body. Things look a little different because of the smaller hubs, but overall tire diameter is the same and the way if fits in the wheel wells.

Maybe next year I'll go whole hog and actually put on the bigger drums and pads, etc. Right now I have to stop tinkering and just get out and ride.

(See customer photos above.)

Atomic Performance high-quality Vespa VBC/VNC Super wheel rims. Chrome version.

Pop these on a VBC/VNC, add some good 10 inch tires, and you instantly have 10 inch wheels. No need to worry about changing the forks or anything.

The result looks the same as a VLB Sprint. (If you want actual VLB hubs and brake shoes, you would need to change all hub/wheel parts to VLB Sprint items, which makes it more difficult and much more costly.)


  • more stability than with wobbly 8 inch wheels. 
  • there are much better quality 10 inch tires available than for 8 inch. And better whitewalls.
  • instantly change back to 8 inch any time you want

Tech Notes

  • These do NOT fit VBB and other 8 inch scooters.
  • They fit with the valve on the right, not the left.
  • A valve pointing outward more than 4cm is too long at the rear and will hit, but most are about 3cm so not an issue. If so, order our tube.
  • Adding taller wheels in effect slightly raises your gearing. Consider adding our larger more free-flowing standard PX exhaust for a little extra power. You can also add a slightly larger 20/20 carb.

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