Lambretta Stator coils 12v

Lambretta Stator coils 12v

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400 grams



5 coils for 12 volt systems/conversions.

Many 12v conversions don't switch coils, and without it they don't actually produce 12 volts. These coils will. Includes instructions for 12v wiring on a Lambretta. (On a Lambretta you can get the entire stator instead if you want; see related items.)

Also, if you are doing a conversion, ordering bright bulbs, a 12v regulator, and a new Vespa-style coil is suggested. Do it!

Tech Notes

Serveta: Valido para stators Motoplat tipo Ducati. Works with Motoplat Ducati type. (See the photo. Motoplat Ducati type has a large condensor. Other types do not fit we are told.)

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