Vespa Tuned exhaust 125/150 stainless steel

Vespa Tuned exhaust 125/150 stainless steel

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  • I'm running the ScootRS SS pipe on an LML 150 (Stella). With a de-restricted air filter, I am using a 102 main jet and it runs great in the city for daily commuting. No bogging, smooth power in all ranges. I have not made long runs at full throttle, however. You might want to try a 104 and move down to the 102 if it bogs or runs too rich.
  • I've just received my (non-stainless) pipe from ScootRS for my 177 Super - it's really good quality and cheap too when compared to others. The powerband and the sound they make is awesome!
  • It's a 166 Malossi, 30mm Delorto, ScootRS pipe and RD 350 reedblock. The cranks been fully cut back and polished as have all the ports, there is no shaking, vibration, just massive amounts of power from start to finish. Its been GPSed on standing quarter at just under 75 mph not bad for a smaller p range dont you think.
  • I have a happily tuned P125 (I don't think the details matter, but no reed valve) I used the Simonini all last summer, great sound, nice look. Installed the pipe right after kitting the scooter, so I can't tell you what it does to a stock bike's performance. The bike was fast, great power, mostly in the mid and high range. Then during the long Canadian winter I ordered the scootRS pipe to try it out (the price was right!! I couldn't say no). Installed it (even easier than the Simonini). Drawback was no more spare tire (who cares, dead weight if you ask me). Started the bike up in my garage (still snow outside) and boy what an awesome sound, a mix of Harley and Ducati together!! I finally took it out in the spring and… blew away the Simonini!!! Sooo much more torque, incredible. All my friends tried it and loved it. A few thought it was too loud (I might repack the silencer), but the low end is frightening. Wheelies in first and second (and I'm a big guy). I don't know what else to say but WOW! Also I got one for my brother's kitted P200 and he loves it to. Even greater results (well he has a bigger engine) but the performance is scary!!!!

Proven performance, great price. Don't pay twice the price for a similar exhaust. This model is in beautiful stainless steel.

Our tuned exhaust comes in two sections with a slip on neck section. The muffler is aluminum for lighter weight, and can be opened so you can change the packing later if you need to renew it.

It will bolt onto a PX/VBB/VBC/VLB 150 or 125-type cylinder and give an easy power boost. A dyno test on a Stella (LML 5-port 150cc reed-valve motor) reported a 32% gain in peak power along with better torque, and better spread of torque. -All for just one bolt on part, and upjetting the carb to 102/104! A regular, non-reed Vespa will do even better, and those with tuned cylinders more still.

Tech Notes

  • You should check your plug and upjet your carb from stock a few points.
  • For fitting this type of exhaust, see pipe fitting.
  • For PX: It doesn't fit with a spare tire unless spacers are used. You can use a couple of longer bolts to space the bottom of the spare away from the pipe. The panel is tight when you put it on.

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