Vespa OSRAM Night Breaker Plus headlight bulb 12V 60/55w H4

Vespa OSRAM Night Breaker Plus headlight bulb 12V 60/55w H4

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22 grams


1 only, NOT a pair. H4 bulb for Vespa GTS, LX, etc.

Is this the best bulb you can buy?

Here is what Osram says:

Probably the brightest halogen light in the world - now with new technology for extra lifetime.

The ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive with more light for greater safety. Thanks to a specially-developed high output coil and the blue ring coating, the headlight lamps of the NIGHT BREAKER PLUS product family:

  • shine up to 110% more light on the street* (new version!)
  • have an up to 35m longer beam*
  • put out up to 20% whiter light* (new version!)

(*compared with standard lamps.)

The lengthened light cone illuminates dangers and obstacles significantly earlier – for additional reaction time that can save lives!

The whiter light of NIGHT BREAKER PLUS also improves driving comfort and reduces dangerous eyestrain.

In addition, the patented blue ring coating leads to less glare for the driver: the clearly focused light beam concentrates the light 75 to 100 m in front of the vehicle, exactly where you need it.

NIGHT BREAKER PLUS’s unique design improves the looks of your headlights. The typical silver cap (H4, H7, H11) and the blue ring coating make a striking impression.

NIGHT BREAKER PLUS have up to 50% more lifetime compared to the first generation of NIGHT BREAKER headlamps. This was achieved by a new filament design and an optimized share of prime gas filling. And on top, the high quality, gold plated contacts (H4, H7) provide superior conductivity.

Of course the NIGHT BREAKER PLUS family of lamps can be easily exchanged for any corresponding halogen lamps and are 100% street legal across all of Europe.

Tech Notes

Don't touch the glass with your fingers. Oil from your skin can make the bulb heat up and blowout quickly. If you touch the glass, clean it off.

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