Vespa Atomic GTS/LX/ET legshield wings stainless steel

Vespa Atomic GTS/LX/ET legshield wings stainless steel

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22 grams


  • They look great.
  • Good quality part.
  • I bought a stainless one from ScootRS a couple of weeks ago and it's good quality. I paid for the wings and also a stainless fork cover screw and was with me in 5 days.

Atomic Performance high quality Vespa GTS/LX/ET legshield wings. It's a beautiful little accessory.

Being stainless steel, this will never rust or flake like chrome, so a great deal!

Tech Notes

Note that newer models with a raised area in the middle of the horncast like a new GTS 300 will require the item to be modified to fit. A flat horncast as shown in the photos is fine.

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