Honda GTS/Super cool-dry mesh seat cover XXL

Honda GTS/Super cool-dry mesh seat cover XXL

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  • These are great. They actually push air through the mesh as you are riding along which cools your backside. If you leave the bike in the sun, this keeps the seat cool. No more burnt buttocks!
  • Awesome... I like it.. Thanks ScootRS.

The Vespa Granturismo and GTS come with a seat cover. Yet you almost never see said cover being used on parked big Vespas. Some people may not know about it. I used to forget, then one time I remembered and came back to discover a soaking wet seat, anyway. Since then, I’ve carried a towel.

But ScootRS now offers a novel and much more elegant solution. Their mesh cover, shown above, comes in sizes to fit GT/GTS and LX/S, plus other scooters with similarly-sized seats.

I understand Vietnam is so humid, the paper money wilts; stuff that’s outside can collect moisture that will make your pants wet in all the wrong places. So will rain. The cover puts a layer between you and the seat, concentrating moisture in the spaces between the threads. Likewise, when the broiling sun makes your seat really hot, the cover prevents direct contact.


Stay cool in the sun, dry in the rain!

  • Sun: no more burning hot seat. You are suspended above that and air blows through underneath to keep you cool. 
  • Rain: no more wet seat. You are suspended above that and water goes below the surface, not on your pants.

This cover slips over top of a Vespa GTS sized seat - Honda SH or anything else similarly sized too of course - and makes a huge difference. 

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