Lambretta Atomic clutch pressure plate tall

Lambretta Atomic clutch pressure plate tall

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  • 101176 (GP)
  • 101177 (SX)
  • 101207 (LI long pin)
210 grams
Orignal Part:


[20 year UK shop owner] The Atomic pressure plate is working perfectly.

The supplied plate is fitted and works fine.

The Atomic Performance clutch pressure plate for Lambrettas is superior quality to all other types available.

Unlike standard types:

  • it is extended deeper which allows you to use 4, 5 or 6 plate setups with ease. You have more room to avoid clutch slip with 4 plates or to fit in extra plates.
  • it is made from one solid piece that can't come apart at a weld as standard types often do.
  • one-piece design means it is perfectly even - very important for clutch performance! - whereas standard types have 5 connection points which can differ slightly.

Unlike other 1-piece types:

  • it has a proper secure fixing for the hardened central contact point (other types rely on a teeny-tiny circlip to stay together).
  • it is machined correctly so you can fit all clutch spiders as normal (other types require modifications to fit).
  • a proper LI long pin type is available for S1-S2-early S3 (these give even clutch wear)

Choose your type, from early to late models:

  1. The LI long pin type has a small pin on top and a long centering pin underneath. It only fits gears with a centering hole, normally S1-S2-S3 until 1966. The centering pin provides stability for even clutch wear.
  2. SX type has a small pin on top like LI but is flat underneath. It fits models after 1966 with no centering hole in the gears.
  3. The GP type is flat on top and underneath.

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