Atomic Vespa - Lambretta S2 handlebar adjustable levers hydraulic

Atomic Vespa - Lambretta S2 handlebar adjustable levers hydraulic

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216 grams


  • Very nice indeed, excellent quality, I am very impressed with them.
  • Really good. Aesthetically many people have commented positively on them and they just look very trick.
  • The right hand one is a must for the disk brake. The feel is much better and adjusting it to fit my hand works great. The left hand one is fantastic during those LONG rally rides. No hand strain and if the cable stretches a little you can just make a quick adjustment on the ride.

Atomic Performance high-quality adjustable levers for Vespa with a ScootRS disc brake kit master cylinder. They also fit Lambretta Series 2 (not S3).

Pair. Beautiful CNC billet alloy.

You can easily adjust the distance from the handlebars in 6 stages. Great for precise personal fitment, especially for those with smaller hands. Plus they just look very cool!

Fits Lambretta Series 2, and Vespa VNA, VNB, VNC, VNL, VBA, VBB, VBC Super , VLA, VLB Sprint, VS5 GS150, VSB GS160, VSC SS180, VSD Rally 180, VSE Rally 200, V5A, V5B, V9A, V9B, VMA Primavera, VMB ET3, VNX P125X, VLX PX150E, LML/Stella, VSX P200E.

Note: this does NOT fit an original PX/LML/Stella or other disc brake, only a ScootRS hydraulic disc brake kit master cylinder as shown.

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