Tire Yokohama 90/90-10

Tire Yokohama 90/90-10

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2240 grams


  • Yokos are the best tyre I've ever had on my lammy.
  • The best tyres I've used to date
  • The Yokos were far better than Swalbys after 1000 miles usage
  • I have them on a Vespa and think they are great
  • --How do S83's compare to modern tyres?
    Badly. Atrocious in the wet especially if you throw manhole covers etc into the equation. I run big fat Yokohamas on my machines, as do a number of lads in our club. If you ride in the wet behind a bike with yokos on you can see the dry lines on the road. Fantastic tyres, really grippy.

Speedline with 50J rating.

Good for tubeless rims.

A 90/90-10 is 90mm wide with a height of 90% of that, so 90mm-90mm-10", slightly lower profile than a standard 3.5x10 tire. (A standard 3.5x10 is very close to 90/100 -10. A 90/100-10 tire is 90mm-90mm-10" while 3.5" = 89mm, and heights can vary but are around 100%, so 89mm-89mm-10".) 

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