Lambretta Pressure plate LI type with long centering pin

Lambretta Pressure plate LI type with long centering pin

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The original Li type was fitted from the series one until around 1967 when Innocenti decided to do away with the pin on the back. This second type lasted for around 18 months when they changed to the GP type as removal of the pin caused problems. The plate with the pin on the back won't fit any gearbox with an undrilled group whereas the later plate without the pin will fit everything apart from GP but won't last more than 10 minutes in anything more powerful than a standard 125.

Atomic Ricambi Originali high quality replacement spare part for Lambretta LI type clutch pressure plate.

This LI long pin type has a small pin on top and a long centering pin underneath.

It only fits gears with a centering hole, normally S1/S2/S3 until 1966. Also not for later GP cases.

The centering pin underneath provides stability for even clutch wear so you should always use this type if possible (or the later GP type), not the now-common middle type with no centering pin underneath.

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