Lambretta Rear tail light reflector LED S3/S2

Lambretta Rear tail light reflector LED S3/S2

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  • LED rear light received and fitted. Working fine.
  • I've put quite a few miles on the bike with your light since my last update. Everything has been working fine. The light looks cool at night too.
  • I have the ScootRS rear LED, easy to wire, have to fettle GP housing to mount board, but good clear and bright light, and hardly any flicker on idle with A.C. system. Highly recommend to get one.
  • Works OK, nice looking in dark.
  • The tail light is certainly nice and bright. 
  • I chose the ScootRS Atomic model rather than [another brand] as it's OK for 6V and 12V systems, AC and DC. ([Another brand] specifically says that you must choose 6V or 12V, and that if you have a standard AC system, you need to add a DC rectifier to avoid damage to the LED.)

Atomic Performance Lambretta LED rear tail light reflector for S3 and late S2 models.

Works with 6v-12v, AC-DC, on CEV and Aprilia types!

On Carello or GP you can easily modify the rear light housing to fit this - see the 2 photos on a GP housing.

For early S2, see our smaller LED light.

Buy the best LED light with confidence. First tested and modified over a year with the help of Atomic Test Pilots around the world who used it on their scooters and provided feedback. 


  • LEDs use little power, leaving more power for other lights, etc.
  • 24 LEDs in total that are brighter when braking!
  • 5 well spread out LEDs for plate lighting
  • Shiny integrated reflector base
  • Looks cool!

Tech Notes

Wiring matches typical Lambretta wiring: Black to black, pink to pink (or red on some), white to ground.

Make sure it is well grounded! You may need to scrape some paint off to get a good contact.

The back is clear-coated to insulate it from water.

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