Lambretta Gear change shifter lever support shaft pre-1965

Lambretta Gear change shifter lever support shaft pre-1965

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210 grams
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I recently replaced mine (SX) with a ScootRS one and was very happy with the quality and price.

We made this gear shifter back when none existed anywhere so that finally you could replace your worn-out one.

The lever support area is polished alloy.

Specifically for pre-1965 S3 models (LI/TV/GT/early LIS) that use a metal rod to fit inside a 3mm slot.

(Does NOT fit Indian GP, S2, or later models using the plastic bushing set on the ends.)

Tech Notes

  • If tight going on the shaft you have to take a fraction of a mm off somewhere - the headset mounting area or inside the support - to make a good match, but that can't be avoided because of slight variations in headsets and wear.
  • You don't need a thin shim touching the headset or a plastic bush on the shaft. Our piece is designed to fit better, not sloppy like originally. It also means the metal shaft can be cast in further, making our piece stronger and safer than original. The alloy piece is also thicker, so stronger again than original.
  • If using a brass top hat on the clutch cable, on some headsets only, you can't select 4th gear because you catch the headset when turning the support. Check if hitting when turning to 4th and, if so, drill a 6mm wide recess a few mm deep to seat the cable in further where it ends inside the support. (Don't go straight through or the cable will fall out.)

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